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Prescient’s universal CAR-T and targeted therapies are both personalised medicine approaches that seek to improve patient outcomes and provide new tools for clinicians in combating cancer.

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Prescient Appoints Leading Cancer Researcher, Prof Phillip Darcy of Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, to Scientific Advisory Board

Prescient Therapeutics (ASX: PTX), a biotechnology company developing targeted and personalised medicines for cancer, today announced the appointment of internationally renowned cancer and Chimeric Antigen Receptor-T (CAR-T) expert, Professor Phillip Darcy to its Scientific Advisory Board.

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CAR-T Therapy

CAR-T is a cell therapy which works by genetically modifying a patient’s own T-cells by adding a new receptor (CAR) to recognise cancer antigens. CAR-T therapy has achieved stunning success in certain blood cancers.  However, conventional CAR-T also faces considerable challenges that limit their broader use, including manufacturing, safety and adaptability.  The OmniCAR platform seeks to overcome these challenges.  OmniCAR is a modular, universal CAR platform using technology exclusively from CAR-T pioneer the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), as well as Oxford University.  It has the potential to dramatically enhance the safety and efficacy of any CAR-T therapy, enabling in-house development of next-generation CAR-T therapies, and by dramatically improving external CAR-T programs it will create opportunities for collaboration and business development in the CAR-T field.

PTX - 100

PTX-100 is a first in class compound with the ability to block an important cancer growth enzyme known as geranylgeranyl transferase-1 (GGT-1), thereby disrupting the oncogenic Ras pathway.  PTX-100 is currently in a novel basket Phase 1b study of cancers driven by Rho and Ras mutations.

PTX - 200

PTX-200 is a novel PH domain inhibitor that inhibits an important tumor survival pathway known Akt, which plays a key role in the development of many cancers, including leukemia; breast cancer and ovarian cancer. 


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Prescient Therapeutics is a clinical-stage oncology company developing personalised medicine approaches to cancer, including cellular and targeted therapies. The future of medicine is personal.


Prescient Therapeutics has a broad pipeline of personalised cancer treatments, comprising CAR-T and targeted therapies, and spanning a range of different cancers. We have licensed technologies from, and also collaborates with, world-leading cancer centres in the United States as well as Australia.


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