PTX-100 is a first in class inhibitor of the Ras pathway, which is implicated in many cancers.  PTX-100 disrupts this important pathway by inhibiting the activation of downstream Rho, Ral and Rac.

PTX-100 (geranylgeranyl transferase inhibitor 1), is a first in class compound with the ability to block an important cancer growth enzyme known as geranylgeranyl transferase (GGT).

Targeting Ras directly has proven elusive.  PTX-100 disrupts the Ras pathway downstream by inhibiting post-translational modification of Rho, Ral and Rac and Rho required for their activation

In a Phase I trial in advanced solid tumors (mostly gastrointestinal cancers) conducted at Indiana and Penn Universities,  PTX-100 was well tolerated and achieved stable disease.

Prescient is planning to re-enter the clinic with PTX-100.  Prescient also plans to develop a p27 cancer biomarker as a companion diagnostic that will potentially identify those patients that are most likely to respond to PTX-100 therapy.