About Us

About Us

Company Overview

Prescient Therapeutics (ASX:PTX) is focused on developing novel, personalised therapies against a range of cancers.

Prescient’s universal CAR-T and targeted therapies are both personalised medicine approaches that seek to improve patient outcomes and provide new tools for clinicians in combating cancer.

Prescient has a broad pipeline of personalised cancer treatments, comprising CAR-T and targeted therapies, and spanning a range of different cancers. Prescient has licensed technologies from and collaborates with, world-leading cancer cancers in the US and Australia.

Prescient Therapeutics is working to rapidly expand the application of universal CAR-T therapy therapies capable of addressing all cancers, including solid tumours. We believe it’s about targets and tools.  

OmniCAR, a universal CAR-T platform employing technology licensed from UPenn, the pioneer and world leader in CAR-T, as well as Oxford University, will allow unprecedented control and flexibility over current generation CAR-T approaches. It combines the cancer-killing capabilities of a T-cell with the control and pharmacology of a drug.

Furthermore, Prescient is working with leading CAR-T innovators to develop other improved CAR-T approaches.

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